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Startup Search is Joining Contrary Research!

Published 10 months ago • 1 min read

Startup Search is Joining Contrary Research

Starting this Saturday, Startup Search will be combining with Contrary Research! We’re pairing the startup job opportunities from Startup Search with the comprehensive private company analysis of Contrary Research to create one unified reading experience.

Readers will continue to receive a weekly newsletter combining startup jobs, new Contrary Research memos, stories our team has been reading, and events — all in one.

Keep an eye out this Saturday for the newsletter (coming to you via Substack) and stayed tuned as we roll out more features in the coming weeks!


🌟 = our favorites

💸 = recently raised

🌎 = international opportunity

🧑‍💼 = internship opportunity

🧑‍💼 💸 🌎 Pinecone | Pinecone is a vector database where developers can store relevant contextual data for LLMs. Read more about Pinecone in the brand new Contrary Research memo here.
Series B | Backed by Menlo Ventures

🌟 Merge | Merge has built a Unified API that allows software companies to build and maintain key integrations with dozens of HR, CRM, and ATS systems in weeks instead of months, allowing them to build a more user-friendly product while saving time across engineering, sales, partnerships, and customer success teams. Read more about Merge in Contrary Research’s report here.
Series B / Backed by Accel

🌎 MessageBird | MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that provides a range of communication tools for businesses to engage with their customers through various channels, including SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. Read more about MessageBird in Contrary Research’s report here.
Series C | Backed by Spark Capital

🧑‍💼 🌎 Arctic Wolf | Arctic Wolf provides enterprise-class security to small and medium-sized organizations which lack the expertise and resources navigate the universe of cybersecurity products and services, or develop their own solutions. Read more about MessageBird in Contrary Research’s report here.
Series F | Backed by Owl Rock Capital

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